In an interview titled “Oranges and Sardines: Conversations on Abstract Painting,” Amy Sillman describes her work as possessing “humor, color, and body,” aspects in which my collection will revolve around. I will be translating both, Clyfford Still's '1957' series and Amy Sillman's 'Works on Paper,' into my collection by fabric manipulation, such as pleating, gel coating, and fusing; strong presence of color; and a humorous play on proportion. Gels will be used to alter, congeal texture, and in some cases even replace seams and sewed finishings. There will be a strong focus on one-piece pattern making and pleating, in controlled and more irregular double pleated techniques. In essence, the collection will take elements of spontaneity and translate them into a neurotic and childish palette of colors combined with experimental fabric manipulations and patternmaking.

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